Guided Tour Options

We have three fantastic options for couples, females & groups that want to be shown the outskirts of Vegas in an unforgettable way. After a brief collaboration with your private tour guide, your very own experience can be tailored to your personalized itinerary creating the perfect adventure for you and your riding partner(s).

01. Private Guided Group Tour

Each adventurer gets their own bike for this tour. Your private tour guide will make this experience not only unique, but one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. Their vast knowledge of the city and its surrounding sights creates an unforgettable experience for you and the rest of your group. Aside from that, the destinations they will take you to are breathtaking and you will be sure to take plenty of pictures.

02. A Private Couple's Intimate Ride Exploring The Outskirts Of Vegas

This experience allows you to ride on the back of a bike with your significant other as the driver. This provides a more intimate feel while exploring the outskirts of Las Vegas with your private tour guide. Our tour guides are experts when it comes to providing a great experience for our thrillseekers. They will be personally connected to you via bluetooth headsets in our provided sanitized helmets along the way. This experience will have you and your partner smiling and wanting to take the adventure further.

03. All Women’s Guided Can-Am Ryker Adventure

The name speaks volumes…This experience is geared specifically towards our female demographic. You and your girlfriends will ride out of town with your very own female tour guide (Missy) and Can-Am Rykers as you explore the outskirts of Las Vegas. You will also be able to communicate with your tour guide during your adventure as the helmets come equipped with bluetooth so you can converse with each other as well.

We have the most unique tour guide you will ever encounter in Las Vegas hands down. She is what makes the whole experience phenomenal and memorable. Aside from that, the destinations she will take you to are breathtaking and you will want to be sure to take plenty of pictures of this once in a lifetime experience!

  • (Please let us know which one of the 3 locations you would like to focus on during the tour, so that we can plan your experience accordingly).
  • We can also tailor the experience to your liking as well if there are specific places you would like to explore. You will not be disappointed!


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